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Black Pine Animal Park in Albion, Indiana is a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary, a "last chance" refuge for animals in need.  We exist to give rescued and retired exotic animals a safe haven, and to educate people and enhance their knowledge of exotic and endangered species, and responsible pet ownership.

We do not buy, sell, trade, or breed animals.  Black Pine is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a Class "C" exhibitor under license number 32-C-0191.  We are incorporated as Professional Animal Retirement Center (PARC), Inc. and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our tax ID is 33-1020728.  Our Indiana tax identification number is 0117958700 001.  

To download a general information brochure about our mission, programs, projects, and staff, click here.  To learn about how to donate to help exotic animals in need, in Indiana, click here.  To read about the exotic pet trade, and why we do what we do, read this student report.

Former house pets are observed in their new habitatWe believe that by allowing you to step into our world, where we care on a daily basis for over 80 big and small cats, bears, primates, birds, reptiles and other former pets and retired performers, we can plant a seed of awareness that can positively impact the conservation and preservation of exotic and endangered species.  We believe that when you experience these  animals up close and hear their stories you and your children will become better informed to make good decisions about how you and your family will share this world, and your homes, with animals.   (If you'd like to learn about keeping an exotic animal as a pet, click here.) 

To help attain our vision, we offer you a unique opportunity to meet our animal residents in an intimate, peaceful setting that encourages interaction with our experienced staff.  Your visit to Black Pine Animal Park will be unlike any zoo you've ever seen, and we believe an experience you will not soon forget.  We welcome all ages to come watch, listen, and learn!

Teachers and other educators are invited to utilize the many resources on this web site to enhance efforts that encourage responsible pet ownership and respect for animals.  Visit our programs page for information about scheduling a field trip or private tour.  Check out our classroom page for free classroom activities, more educational animal fun on the web, or to start an interactive tour to meet the animals at Black Pine.  Check out more links at the top left of this page.  Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

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Black Pine Animal Park is a non-profit exotic animal refuge operated by the Professional Animal Retirement Center (PARC), Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  We also maintain a non-permanent fund and an endowment fund with the Noble County Community Foundation for the purpose of accepting tax deductible memorial contributions, estate planning, and other types of planned giving, or simply to give anonymously or to support specific park projects.  You may contact the Foundation at 260-894-3335 for information. We also accept general donations online - click below to donate!

Children enjoy up-close encounter with "Joey", a Patagonian cavy

"A lot of zoos just cage animals for show and profit. At Black Pine Animal Park the animals were presented to us as the individual unique beings that they are. What a treat!! I would recommend to anyone to make the trip and enjoy the experience. We sure did."

-Renee`, IN


"Our kids would come back every day if we lived there. It was not what we expected at were AWESOME at your job!!! Keep up the good work, it's great what you are all doing for those animals!! We will be back next year!

-Janelle, KS

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